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Main Office

Pastoral Center
416 Broadway Avenue
Scottdale, PA 1

Main Parish Phone Number:  724-887-6321/724-887-6714
Main Parish Fax Number: 724-887-6324
Preschool Number: 724-887-9550
St. John the Baptist Social Hall: 724-887-7013
St. Joseph Social Hall: 724-220-5321
St. John and St. Joseph email: www.stjohnandstjosephs.org

Office Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Closed Thursday.

Bulletin Deadline
Bulletin items must be submitted by Mondays at Noon. Please send email to general email.

Very Rev. Paul A. Lisik – Administrator
[email protected]

General Mailbox: [email protected]

Business/Pastoral Associate: Dianne Figg: [email protected]

Business Manager: Chris Whoric: [email protected]

Faith Formation Coordinator: Jill Skowronek: [email protected]

Music Director: Jane Scott: [email protected]

Bill Thompson: Maintenance: [email protected]

St. John the Baptist Preschool Aide: Cathy Czajkowski: [email protected]