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The Partner Parishes of St. John the Baptist and St. Joseph encourage parishioner involvement through not only ministry, but also through our organizations. Many of our organizations, including Charity Outreach, which serves as outreach services for the needy, while others, such as the St. Joseph Society and Catholic Daughters of America, empower our parishioners. 
A complete listing of our Partner Parish organizations includes:

  • Charity Outreach
  • Holy Name Society
  • Catholic Daughter’s of America Court Lambing #314
  • St. Joseph Society

Our partner parishes also have a number of parish office volunteer groups. These parishioners work behind the scenes, performing tasks that help keep the parishes afloat, such as counting the offertory on Sundays.

  • St. Joseph Money Counters
  • St. John the Baptist Money Counters
  • Bulletin Stuffers
  • Festival Committees
  • Arts & Environment
  • Fundraising Committees; i.e. Dinners, Cash Bash, Fish Frys
  • Worship Committee

Please contact us if you are interested in joining one of our organizations or groups. New members are always welcome.